Our company, established in Hong Kong in 1986, has a long history of manufacturing leather products. For the past twenty years, we have focused on designing and producing genuine leather handbags of superb quality based on the modern trend and market requirements. Moreover, we have been all-out in creating a diverse range of leather products. Apart from using leather, PVC, nylon, canvas and velvet, we also choose other latest materials to make our products.

Owing to our flourishing business, we set up a new plant at Dongguan in Guangzhou in 1990. This development helps us to pioneer a production line which increases our productivity by leaps and bounds. Such high productivity, together with strict quality control and a series of optimizing measures, has not only reduced the production cost but also enhanced the quality of our products and the competitiveness of our company.

Having accumulated many years of experience, knowledge and techniques, we can make our production efficient and price our products reasonably. Hence entrepreneurs from different countries have an opinion of us. We will continue to provide our customers with high quality and a diverse range of products.

About our production
We have approximately 600 professional staff including more than 100 prototype designers. We can produce about 50 to 70 thousand handbags of different kinds every month.
Company Profile
Wo Fung Leather Ware International Limited.
The Hong Kong main office.
Flat D, 3/F.Everest Ind. Centre 396 Kwun Tong Road
Kowloon Hong Kong
TEL (852) 2389 4440 / FAX (852) 2343 7415
TEL (852) 2389 4440 / FAX (852) 2343 7415

Factory in China-Dong Guan He Feng Leather Co.,Ltd.
Sangyuan Shihuan Road Dong Cheng Borough
Dongguan City Guandong China
TEL (0769) 2262 8433 / FAX (0769) 2262 8438
Postal Code 523120
’†‘ -Dong Guan He Feng Leather Co.,Ltd
’†š œA“Œ“ŒŠΞŽs“Œι‹ζŒK‰€Ž‚ŠΒ˜H
TEL (0769) 2262 8433 / FAX (0769) 2262 8438

Managing Director / Terrence Kwok
Executive Advisor / Carrie Lee
Executive Marking / Denny Li
Manager Material / Lam Chen

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